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Combatants Keep was born out of a sincere love of the Middle Ages and a deep-seated frustration for historically inaccurate productions that misled the public.  After many years of service in the Renaissance Festival circuit, it became the desire of our founders to create an entertaining, educational re-enactment group that could fill the void between entertainment and education without sacrificing the pageantry, drama, and spectacle that are synonymous with the Middle Ages.

The personnel of Combatants Keep are all experienced performers who are hand-picked for their knowledge.  The equestrian arts are not choreographed and each contestant actively competes to display his or her talents in the art of Chivaliery (the Medieval art of horsemanship).  Presentations include a skill at arms competition followed by a full armored joust.  Post performance show-and-tell held in a designated area so audience members can meet the knights and horses and they can get free pieces of the broken lances signed by their favorite participants.

Combatants Keep was an absolutely essential component to the Days of Knights medieval living history event in Frankfort, Kentucky. This talented troupe brought "knights in shining armor" to the event with convincing historical accuracy in a highly enjoyable manner. Efficient and timely in set-up and performance, the group demonstrates a serious dedication to the safe conduct of their demonstrations. The folks of Combatants Keep are among the nobility of medieval living history practitioners.


Signed - Nicky Hughes, Curator of Historic Sites, City of Frankfort, Kentucky (Retired).


Combatants Keep has become an integral part of the Ashville Viking Festival. They bring a mix of history and excitement to every event that is unmatched. The clear skill of the troupe, and the dedication to their horses come through each and every time. Their interaction with the patrons is amazing as they take time to talk before and after shows and throughout the festival day between the actual bouts. They interact with the patrons of the festival no matter the weather, bring a piece of history alive and show the sheer love of what they do so well.  Never sacrificing safety to human or animal. 

The horses even show that they love what they are doing and interact with the patrons as well. (Several hams in the group). The history portrayed is accurate and blended seamlessly into the show for a great experience.

Nancy Vallette, Ashville Viking Festival


Joust - minimum 2 knights 1 marshal - skill at arms, full armored joust, meet and greet


We will be soon adding a carraige, driving horse and driver to certain venues upon request


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